Saturday, February 13, 2010

How I made the Taiyaki

WARNING: NOT A TUTORIAL, just showing my process. will not be answering technical questions cos i'm a grump like that :X all resources and tips and tricks can be found under the "Important Resources" section in my links to the left. or, you can always consult Google.

i rate this process under intermediate difficulty.

you could, alternatively, just find a fishie charm at some accessory store and mold that, but i want to start *ahem* sculpting my original works and stuff. so....HERE WE GO!

taiyaki WIP

first, sketch out the fishie onto tracing paper. i'm terrible at drawing and after 5 failed attempts i finally got it to the shape i'm satisfied with. then reverse the paper, and trace over the fishie onto some spare polymer clay so the pencil marks the clay. do this lightly.

using all the tools you have at your disposal, in my case, a needle tool, ball stylus and some wire (for the scales bit), gently notch the clay where the pencil marks are. i guess this can be considered sculpting? OMG I'M ON MY WAY TO BECOMING AN ARTIST ZOMGZORZ!!! XD XD XD *snurk*

bake the clay, and after it's cooled, dust it lightly with cornstarch or using a little mineral/baby oil and a cotton bud, coat the fish lightly before molding it with molding material of your choice. i use alley goop, it's a 2-part silicone putty, but i've found that at such tiny scales (*snort*), it has a tendency to stick to the master itself, or not solidify as it should. maybe it's the temperature change, but this never happened to me before until recently :(

not crispy looking enough

here i tested out the mold with some polymer clay, and dusted it lightly with ochre and other appropriately coloured chalk pastels. i forgot the exact shades :( most of the time i just 'eyeball'-colour my works. this fishie doesn't look crispy enough to me, i made this last night.
taiyaki pair 2

this afternoon, i made another pair, but in my excitement i neglected to let the clay rest and cool down before i jammed jam into it. sigh. which explains the broken piece on the left. but i decided to go ahead and use it anyway, to show the red bean filling.

taiyaki pair
kissing fish! i like the colouration of the one to the right. at least it looks more crunchy. that, and i prefer the shape too. did the mold this morning, but it's almost time to set the table for reunion dinner, so can't play with my stuff anymore today ; ; will try and even out the two sides hopefully tomorrow, or later tonight.

so that's how i made the 1:12 Taiyaki!

i really shld make separate posts, but i'm quite lazy, so.....XD

read a book, have a snack
dorayaki! did this for a trade with Yuki/Amatheria. hope to get a set of taiyaki done for him too before i send out the package.

1:2  pineapple tart

and cos i had a lump of 'pineapple jam' remaining from my 1:12 pineapple tarts, decided to make a larger scaled one. this is approx 2cm across, i guess it could pass for 1:3, but in my heart i know it's 1:2 *sulk* will be chucking it in my portfolio for larger scaled items, and will be scaling this down to 1:3 and 1:4.

off to set the table! have a happy weekend everyone :)

(oh yeah, i know it says murder book XD was looking for something to hold up the items and the book happened to be on my bed. yay for libraries and crime mysteries!)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cupcake molds

i work slowly sigh
Originally uploaded by Snowfern

i work slowly. 1 week, and this is all i've done. sheesh.

cupcake & tart shapes

anyway. i'm working on making some cupcake molds available, i don't know if i should offer tart/cupcake molds as a set, or individually. they will be made out of silicone putty.

diameters of widest point from left to right:

0.8cm, 0.8cm, 0.7cm

base diameters, left to right:

0.7, 0.5, 0.5.

my cupcake liners fit the cupcakes in the middle and right perfectly. i will be making a new range available for the 'tart' on the left, and would be perfect for popular neighbourhood bakery buns too (at least, they are popular here in sg?)

what do you folks think?

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My moldmaking failures and experiences...

i have had difficulty sourcing for good moldmaking materials here, they either cost a bomb, or i have to purchase them in bulk from a factory (in a very isolated area), looking at the moldmaking kits available from sculpey, i began to think they weren't so good in the sense that they seemed to be made from the very same clay we manipulate, just softer and more pliable when cured? moreover it's not suitable for resin pours either...

i had previously purchased some RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicone rubber, but that just was too messy and icky, moreover it was hard to measure out small amounts. i was going to purchase some alley goop online, but shipping to SG costs $15 for the 1 lb package, it seems they have very good reviews! i can only purchase that once i make some sales to cover the total cost (almost USD$44 :O ) :( yes, it's a rule of mine NOT to spend on supplies until i make sales, it's the only way i can justify spending and keep my habit in check :X

these are the pics of terrible silicone pours...i don't have a pressure pot so it was terrible trying to get the bubbles out.

this one was due to too much catalyst (the salesman recommended 5% for our climate, but it hardened up too quickly!)

so much so i couldn't tap out the bubbles in time...

that was the last of the silicone i had. i have a few more rather -ok- pours, made some bangle/ring and other oddly shaped item pours for my cousin's resin work, and some successful ones for my creams/raspberries/jellies/plates/cups...but i would say i wasted more than 70% of the material learning how to pour without having the bubbles ruin it. i like the pours cos i don't require any release agent, and they were extremely flexible/durable. however the learning curve is just too steep for beginners.

this is my pushmold for citrus pieces. i sculpted a segment of orange and grapefruit, and played around with a bead i had to get the flower shape.
i made this just last week and only got round to making the orange segments last night. you can see in the bottom 4 pieces the needle marks where i got lazy and simply poked the clay out of the mold, the upper two pieces show one glossed, the other unglossed.

so what do i think of these experiments? after reading, experimenting, and hunting around Singapore, i will stick to making polymerclay pushmolds for now (until i get the silicone putty). i haven't yet been confident enough to make 2-part molds, but so far i'm rather satisfied with what little i made.

hope this will help some other newbies, as to where i got my silicone rubber, you can see Wee Tee Tong's website, i got the RTV585, call them up for a quote as i am not affiliated with them in any way and prices might prepared to travel, i lucked out as my cousin drove me but we took so long i fell asleep in the car -_-"

sheesh. i have got to stop posting half-fudged 'tutorials' HAHA!

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